The Asylon Story

Aerospace Quality with Startup Agility

Who We Are

Asylon is a dynamic team that is passionate about drones and committed to building products to solve the greatest challenges facing the drone industry. Asylon was founded in August 2015 by three MIT aerospace engineers who have worked on a variety of projects in the aerospace industry from the V-22 Osprey to commercial jet engines to defense systems on Navy destroyers. With our team’s strong background in aerospace, Asylon is well positioned to develop products consistent with the quality standards demanded by commercial and military customers.

In addition to our love of all things aerospace, we are also passionate about other things - from smoking meat to competitive quadcopter racing to debating the optimal Star Wars fleet composition for various attack scenarios (bombers are key!).  We're a tight-knit team that enjoys combining our interests to create a collaborative and fun environment for solving problems.

The Team

Board of Directors

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