DroneCore Security provides unprecedented value to integrators and security operations personnel by enabling autonomous eyes in the sky. DroneCore Security gives multiple stakeholders the ability to set pre-programmed autonomous patrol missions, respond autonomously to IoT alarm triggers and manually remote into system to conduct adhoc missions within a pre-programmed operational grid. The ability to provide rapid robotic eyes in the sky is a paradigm shift to traditional security methodologies such as manned officers, CCTV, motion detectors and roving ground vehicle patrols. DroneCore Security is able to protect people, assets and profits better than traditional technologies.
Autonomous Perimeter Patrols

Ability to alarm security personnel on people & vehicles while simultaneously tracking in real-time.

Autonomous Alarm Video Verification

Ability to deploy to IoT sensor and provide video verification if human or vehicle.

Aerial Escort

Ability to follow selected target (human or vehicle) and provide security escort.

Counter UAS

Ability to provide accurate video verification of unauthorized drones payload.